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Our Service

We offer the following services:

Current Account

Known as Demand Deposit account,a customer does not need to give notice to the bank before withdrawing. It is usually operated with the use of cheque.

Term Deposit Account

Also know as fixed deposit account,larger money is fixed for a period of time at a fixed rate of interest.

E-Payment Facilities

Electronic transfer from customers account to any bank of customers choice.

Target Savings/Special Saving Scheme

Savings toward a purpose such as Ileya,Xmas and other importatnt purpose. the customer withdraw only at the due date.

Saving Account

Account opened by the customer to keep surplus fund,withdrawal more than three times will forfeit the interest for the month.

Daily Saving Scheme

Daily contribution(Ajo).

Education Account

Its a savings account for Children Education.

Equipment Financing

Asset Acquisition account for Artisan and other customers.


A Highly experience veteran within the micro-finance bank sub sector, His objective is to develop and manage human and material resources with a high sense of responsibility given the rare opportunity to serve in a greater capacity.

About Us

Vision Statement

To be a strong and reliable Microfinance Bank dedicated to reducing poverty level of the people.

Mission Statement

To make financial and other banking services accessible to a potentially productive and active poor in the society.